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My Story...

"To have courage for whatever comes in life--everything lies in that."                                      -St. Teresa of Avila

Everyone has a story, a mythology of sorts, that is not only very personal and intimate but also far-reaching and interactive.  Our personal stories connect each of us to all of humanity; to what Carl Jung called the collective.  Joseph Campbell described our collective mythology as "the Hero's Journey", suggesting that no matter how our story plays out in our lives, we are all influenced by the Hero's challenges, joys, dreams, passions, and sorrows. Hidden in the journey in the darkest places is a realm we call grief, a place in our soul where we all eventually have to visit along the way.  Grief is different for everyone; dark yet illuminating, powerful yet frightening, it challenges the Hero to move forward into the fear of uncertainty, ultimately into the fear of his or her own death. It is in this very raw yet beautiful place that we discover the Hero's passion, purpose and true yearning for living.

This is actually the middle of my story, where I'll begin.  After the suicide death of someone very enmeshed in my life, I had a extreme shift in perspective.  I felt an intense need to not only understand his death on so many levels, but to approach the unapproachable in my own mortality.  Left to raise two boys, one with autism, without his help as their father I was experiencing a menagerie of emotions.  Anger, sorrow, and guilt propelled me straight toward the exit door of my comfort zone and back to the idea of approaching the one thing constant in my life:  my intuitive knowing, the power of re-stabilizing my life.  I was forced to re-visit my childhood in an effort to understand who I am on a very fundamental level, a visit back to my "knowingness", my intuitive prowess that I had dialed down to just about zero during my academic years.  As a child I knew deceased people were around me; I could feel their presence and see them in my dreams.  Sometimes comforting and sometimes unsettling, I would experience moments of extreme clarity about my life, future global events and the people around me. As I started to remember and honor my past childhood experiences, I felt compelled to remember who I am, why I am here, and understand why this crushing trauma had touched my life.  I begin to nurture and respect this innate knowing, this powerful gut feeling, this fundamental power and presence.  Some call it God, the Universe, Source.   I call it Grace.  It filled me up and inspired me to retire from a 20 year practice of pharmacy, embrace my mediumistic and intuitive inheritance, and move forward to share the knowledge that we as humans are so much more than we think we are.  Connected by a universal and quantum phenomenon we are humans evolving to finally understand our true nature.  

This brings my story current, and now I am thrilled to look at what the hero in me has accomplished so far. I have walked this path that is my life as a pharmacist, mother, wife, mental health advocate, autism advocate, Jungian enthusiast and evidential medium. Working to understand and process my understanding of grief has changed my life forever. Going forward I hope to help others that cross my path realize just how powerful we are as humans, that we are indeed connected on a quantum level, and able to communicate across the boundaries of space and time.  I hope to mirror the hero in others back into their own awareness so that their hero can be acknowledged, heard and supported in their own personal journey. 

I absolutely love sharing my psychic ability and mediumship with others.  It has changed the way I view my world, my life and my relationship to literally everything.  Life is so much more than we realize, and I would like to challenge anyone, the skeptic and the curious, to open their mind to the endless possibilities of what consciousness may be.  It's simply fascinating, and I feel truly blessed to be a part of this adventure we call life!

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