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"Colleen is a person you instantly feel a connection with...she told me things no one could have known...she truly changed my heart to a healing heart when it was slowly breaking... If you are on the fence about this I'm telling you to give it a try...she gave me just the communication I needed to make peace with the passings in my life. " 

- Stephanie Juarez, Shreveport, LA



  • I recommend waiting at least six months after a loved one has passed to schedule a mediumship session.  Emotions are intense during this initial phase of the grieving process, and you will need to give yourself time to adjust.  While the waiting period is not a requirement to schedule a session, I do ask that you consider your emotional well-being when deciding to schedule a session.

  • Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a specific person will come through in a session.   Please be open and honored for those that come through during your session.

  • Please allow at least six months between sessions.  There are exceptions, but this is a general guide to make the most of your sessions.  Your intent will be to augment your healing process, not rely on the medium exclusively.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed counselor or therapist.  I relay messages and information to the best of my ability from your loved ones passed over.  A mediumship/intuitive session is not a substitute for conventional therapy in any way.  I am not responsible for choices made by the client following a session.  The client agrees to take responsibility for his/her own choices at the time of booking the appointment.

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types of sessions





 60  minutes


The Bayou Medium offers medium psychic abilities in Louisiana

PRIVATE SESSIONS are for ONE individual.   GROUP SESSIONS are listed below.

In my experience a private session is more meaningful and has more depth if the focus is on one individual's healing process or present need.

If you would like to bring a family member or friend with you for support please note this in your correspondence when selecting a day and time for your session.  

Each session is approximately 60 minutes.  Sessions can by conducted via phone as well as in-person in the studio. 

In your private session I will connect with loved ones passed over and relate details relevant to them and their connection with you.  You can expect them to present with the personality, attitudes and opinions that they held in life, while bringing forth the memories and situations that shaped their experience while walking their path here.  While I do  not control who comes forward to connect with you, it is my experience that those people foremost on your mind do come forward.  They are very excited to share this time with you!   Messages are brought forth based in their love and respect for you.  It is through this depth of connection that healing is inspired.  Each session is unique, so please come to your session with an open heart and an open mind.  Expect the unexpected!



PLEASE NOTE:  I will email or text a confirmation notice 24 to 48 hours prior to your session.  You MUST confirm your appointment by 10 AM CST the morning of your appointment to move forward with your session.  Clients are responsible for forwarding phone numbers or alternate email addresses if needed.  By placing your payment below you are agreeing to honor this policy.  Thank you for your cooperation!



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2 hours

$300 and up

Speak to the dead in mediumship sessions

GROUP SESSIONS are priced by the size of the group. 

Groups range from five to five hundred!  Larger groups are considered DEMONSTRATIONS OF MEDIUMSHIP,  with the medium in front of the seated group working to bring through evidence and messages from deceased loved ones randomly to those in attendance.  Depending on the size of the group, not everyone is guaranteed a personal message, however the experience of being present in the group lends itself to a greater feeling of well-being and awareness. 


Contact us for more information and pricing on groups.

group sessions
private sessions




 60 minutes


Intuitive readings fom medium in Louisiana

Astrology sessions are available for those people focusing on personal growth and development.  Integrating psychology and astrology, these sessions are in-depth and centered around understanding the personality, patterns of behavior and levels of awareness.  An emphasis is placed on uncovering and exploring unconscious/conscious tendencies and how they affect relationships of all kinds.  These sessions are an excellent tool to unlock hidden potential in one's life, to initiate breakthroughs in awareness and pinpoint limitations and obstacles in one's path.  Archetypes are identified and explored, innate talents and abilities are examined, as well as patterns of behavior both positive and negative.  Fear, self-limiting ideals/concepts and blockages to personal growth, joy and success are reviewed.  These sessions are scheduled on an individual basis based on depth of study and desired goals. 


Please use the Payment Button above to place a payment for an Astrology Session.

astrology sessions
intuitive sessions



60  minutes


Intuitive reading sessions by a psychic in Louisiana

Intuitive Sessions are available for those people who are seeking guidance in their personal and professional life.  These sessions are designed to provide the client with additional insight with regard to personal and spiritual growth in the many arenas of life.  This includes navigating personal and professional relationships, developing creative potential and talents, career choices and spiritual path.  These are in-depth sessions intended to expose self-limitations and obstacles to growth while exploring the cause and effect related to the choices one makes.

Please use the Payment Button above to place a payment for an Intuitive Session.

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