Colleen Laborde

2410 Line Avenue

Shreveport, Louisiana 71104

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APRIL 18TH, 2020

at The Medium Studio

4PM $20 per person

Welcome!  I'm Colleen LaBorde, and I am an evidential psychic medium.  Whether you've lost someone you love and are interested in what mediumship may have to offer, or you are just curious about the idea of the continuation of consciousness after physical death,  you're in the right place! I love being a voice for those on the other side of life, or Heaven, if you like.  It is deeply rooted  in my bones, as it runs through the bloodline of both sides of my family.  Even as a young girl growing up in the deep south I was very aware of subtle energy and how it interacts with my body, mind and spirit.  Fascinated by the unseen world and my ability to tap into it, I was equally intrigued by the science and physical laws of the seen or manifest world we all live in.  Melding these two worlds together has been the key for me to be able to explore unlimited possibilities and share this journey with other curious minds.  Educated in this world of science as a pharmacist of 20 years (retired), I take a very different approach to the concept of mediumship.  I believe this unique perspective helps my clients integrate their experience in a session more comfortably and with confidence.  I enjoy helping people explore their preconceived thoughts about life, death, and the possibility that our consciousness, or soul if you like, continues its journey after physical death.  I love learning, and I hope to inspire you to question what we all have been taught about our perceived reality. 

Mediumship is a life-long experiential development process that is ever evolving.  To help hone my skills I've studied under the guidance of notable international psychic mediums Lynn Probert and Tony Stockwell of the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, and with Janet Nohavek of The Journey Within in New Jersey.  I have also had the honor of studying with Canadian mediums Brian Robertson and Simon James of Inner Quest Centre in British Columbia, Canada. 

I now reside in Shreveport, Louisiana on our family farm that backs up to Twelve Mile Bayou.  My on-going passion is serving our local community as an evidential medium and growing our creative community with the opening of THE MEDIUM STUDIO. 






"A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art does not."                                   -Leonardo da Vinci-                



what people are saying...

"The Studio is so peaceful, calming and inviting. So amazed and astonished with my experience.  Point blank... The Bayou Medium is 100% real, and I suggest anyone, skeptic or believer, to give her a try. 

She doesn't disappoint!"

    -Toby B.  2019

"Colleen is the absolute coolest and most gifted person I have ever met.  Such a special experience that I will never forget!  Colleen is SBC's most precious hidden gem, and I encourage anyone open to

seeing a medium to check her out!

  -Hannah P.   2019

"Colleen is an amazing person!  Great atmosphere with a sense of peace and comfort.  So emotional and insightful!  I really enjoyed all she had to say.  It is amazing how much everyone took away from it.  A life-changing moment for me."

-Lauren C.  2019

"She is amazing!  I felt at peace when I left.  I was blessed that my father came through for me. I highly recommend going!"


-Malonie S.  2019